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import dsc: Documentation
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@@ -240,6 +240,33 @@ other kinds of more exotic history. If dgit can't find a suitable
linearisation of your history, by default it will fail, but you can
ask it to generate a single squashed patch instead.
+.BI "dgit import-dsc " ../path/to/.dsc branch
+Import a Debian-format source package,
+specified by its .dsc,
+into git,
+the way dgit fetch would do.
+This does about half the work of dgit fetch:
+it will convert the .dsc into a new, orphan git branch.
+Since dgit has no access to a corresponding source package archive
+or knowledge of the history
+it does not consider whether this version is newer
+than any previous import
+or corresponding git branches;
+and it therefore does not
+make a pseudomerge to bind the import
+into any existing git history.
+.I branch
+does not start with refs/, refs/heads/ is prepended.
+The specified branch is unconditionally updated.
+If the specified .dsc contains a Dgit field,
+dgit will simply make a branch of that commit.
+If you cannot manage to find that commit anywhere,
+consider --force-import-dsc-with-dgit-field.
.B dgit version
Prints version information and exits.
@@ -737,6 +764,13 @@ These options are provided as an escape hatch,
in case dgit is confused.
(They might also be useful for testing error cases.)
+.B --import-dsc-with-dgit-field
+Tell dgit import-dsc to treat a .dsc with a Dgit field
+like one without it.
+The result is a fresh import,
+discarding the git history
+that the person who pushed that .dsc was working with.
.B --force-unrepresentable
Carry on even if
dgit thinks that your git tree contains changes