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@@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ Tagging and signing should be left to dgit push.
does an `upload', pushing the current HEAD to the archive (as a source
package) and to dgit-repos (as git commits). This also involves
making a signed git tag, and signing the files to be uploaded to the
+archive. dgit push does a
+.BR "debian/rules clean" .
It is always possible with dgit to clone or fetch a package, make
changes in git (using git-commit) on the suite branch
@@ -232,9 +233,9 @@ there is no way to ask the archive to do this without knowing the
name of an existing package. Without --new we can just use the
package we are trying to push. But with --new that will not work, so
we guess that
-.B dpkg
-exists in the target suite. If it doesn't, you can use this option to
-specify a package which does. If the suite is empty, bad luck.
+.BI --clean-command= "cmd arg arg"
+dgit push needs to clean the tree to make sure the
dgit looks at the following git config keys to control its behaviour.
You may set them with git-config (either in system-global or per-tree