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@@ -17,8 +17,11 @@ This is the command line reference.
Please read the tutorial
For background, theory of operation,
-and definitions of the terms used here,
-see L<git-debrebase(5)>.
+and definitions see L<git-debrebase(5)>.
+You should read this manpage in conjunction with
+which defines many important terms used here.
@@ -299,14 +302,15 @@ in the text for the relvant operation.
=item --anchor=<commit-ish>
-Treats <commit-ish> as an anchor,
-regardless of what it's actually like.
+Treats <commit-ish> as an anchor.
+This overrides the usual automatic commit classification logic.
-(It is a problem for
-git-debrebase new-upstream operations
-if <commit-ish> is the previous anchor to be used,
-because treating an arbitrary commit as an anchor
-means forgoing upstream coherency checks.)
+It also disables some coherency checks
+which depend on metadata extracted from its commit message,
+it is a problem if <commit-ish> is the anchor
+for the previous upstream version in
+git-debrebase new-upstream operations.
=item -D