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* debian/control: Name salsa as our Vcs-*Ian Jackson2019-07-22
* changelog: Wrap a line and mention HACKING.Ian Jackson2019-07-22
* changelog: UpdateSean Whitton2019-07-22
* git-playtree-setup: Rename from git-playtree-createIan Jackson2019-07-21
* copyright: credit Genome Research LimitedMatthew Vernon2019-07-21
* git-playtree-setup: Provide to git-debpushIan Jackson2019-07-21
* git-playtree-setup: Rewrite in shell and call it from PerlIan Jackson2019-07-21
* changelog: start 9.5Ian Jackson2019-07-20
* changelog: finalise 9.4debian/9.4archive/debian/9.4Ian Jackson2019-07-20
* Update copyright notices in many filesIan Jackson2019-07-20
* debian/copyright: Add some missing credtisIan Jackson2019-07-20
* changelog: start 9.4Ian Jackson2019-07-18
* changelog: finalis 9.3debian/9.3archive/debian/9.3Ian Jackson2019-07-18
* changelog: Document changes for tagupl-gbpIan Jackson2019-07-18
* test suite: tagupl-gbp: New testIan Jackson2019-07-18
* changelog: Document dgit(1) archive-query docIan Jackson2019-07-17
* changelog: update for tag-to-upload server-side fixesIan Jackson2019-07-17
* changelog: update for git-debpush improvementsSean Whitton2019-07-17
* test suite: tagupl-baredebian: New testIan Jackson2019-07-17
* changelog: Start 9.3Ian Jackson2019-07-09
* changelog: Finalise 9.2 (no source changes)debian/9.2archive/debian/9.2Ian Jackson2019-07-09
* changelog: start 9.2Ian Jackson2019-07-07
* changelog: finalise 9.1debian/9.1archive/debian/9.1Ian Jackson2019-07-07
* changelog: Minor adjustment to git-debpush discussionIan Jackson2019-07-07
* changelog: Add a couple of missing entriesIan Jackson2019-07-07
* changelog: UpdateSean Whitton2019-07-07
* changelog: Entry for new "git-push-to-upload" workflow toolsSean Whitton2019-07-07
* test suite: tagupl-native: New testIan Jackson2019-07-07
* test suite: tagupl: Use git-debpushIan Jackson2019-07-07
* git-debpush: new binary packageSean Whitton2019-07-07
* d/copyright: Update copyright yearsSean Whitton2019-07-06
* debian/rules: Break out specpkg_install_commonIan Jackson2019-07-06
* test suite: tagupl: New test case for new dgit-repos-server modeIan Jackson2019-07-06
* changelog: Start 9.1Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: finalise 9.0debian/9.0archive/debian/9.0Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: Expand on explanation of #930922Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: Tidy documentation of 9.0Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: Working on 9.0, run gbp-dchIan Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: start 9.0Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* changelog: pseudo-finalise 8.6~Ian Jackson2019-07-02
* Merge branch 'buster'Ian Jackson2019-07-02
| * changelog: Document the change so farIan Jackson2019-07-02
| * changelog: Retarget at busterIan Jackson2019-07-02
* | test suite: debpolicy-taintrm: New testIan Jackson2019-07-01
* | test suite: baredebian-plusgit: New test for baredebian+gitIan Jackson2019-06-30
* | test suite: baredebian-*: Drop explicit list of implied depsIan Jackson2019-06-30
* | test suite: enumerate-tests: Drop duplicate dependenciesIan Jackson2019-06-30
* | test suite: baredebian-multitar: New testIan Jackson2019-06-30
* | test suite: baredebian-tarball: New testIan Jackson2019-06-30
* | test suite: baredebian: Add missing dependency quilIan Jackson2019-06-30