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* Imported Upstream version 3.5-36Manoj Srivastava2014-04-27
* Imported dist_3.5-30.orig.tar.gzManoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* * Append $ccflags so that it can override the defaults assuming the compilercbiere2008-06-16
* * Use the preprocessor output to detect the GCC version instead of executingcbiere2008-06-16
* Make sure Instruct depends on Begin to move Begin ahead of anyrmanfredi2008-06-14
* SVN revision number is now automatically generated in "revision.h".rmanfredi2008-05-28
* Removed last instance of $*, no longer supported in Perl 5.10.rmanfredi2008-05-28
* Perl 5.10 no longer supports "$*" anywhere... even in the initial exec linermanfredi2008-05-28
* Applied diff from H.Merijn Brand to keep it working with perl 5.10, whichrmanfredi2008-01-04
* Applied patch from Christian Biere, which adds "-Wshadow" to gcc 3.x flags.rmanfredi2006-11-04
* Taught metaxref to use MANIFEST if is missing.rmanfredi2006-11-04
* Added I_SYS_POLL and I_POLL since we cannot rely on HAS_POLL being enoughrmanfredi2006-08-30
* Do not list special unit "Mcc" as being made.rmanfredi2006-08-28
* Removed stale Mcc dependency.rmanfredi2006-08-28
* Default to "-O2 -g" when using gcc.rmanfredi2006-08-28
* Regenerated all Makefile.SH files.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Removed obsoleted ">VAR" lines requesting that the symbol be included.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Advertise SVN's repository for dist in every generated Configure script.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Let metaconfig use the MANIFEST file if there is no
* Added keyword substitution property.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Moving project to sourceforge.rmanfredi2006-08-24