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Prep v235: Updated root files to upstream
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@@ -124,3 +124,4 @@ Josef Andersson <>
Josef Andersson <>
Hendrik Westerberg <>
Stefan Pietsch <>
+Jérémy Rosen <>
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@@ -4,13 +4,23 @@ CHANGES WITH 235:
* modprobe.d drop-in is now shipped by default that sets bonding module
option max_bonds=0. This overrides the kernel default, to avoid
- conflicts and ambigiuty as to whether or not bond0 should be managed
+ conflicts and ambiguity as to whether or not bond0 should be managed
by networkd or not. This resolves multiple bugs of bond0 properties
not being applied, when bond0 is configured with
networkd. Distributors may choose to not package this, however in
that case users will be prevented from correctly managing bond0
interface using networkd.
+ * systemd-analyze gained new verbs "get-log-level" and "get-log-target"
+ which print the logging level and target of the system manager,
+ respectively. They complement the existing "set-log-level" and
+ "set-log-target" verbs, which can be used to change those values.
+ * systemd-networkd .network DHCP setting UseMTU default has changed
+ from false to true. Meaning, DHCP server advertised mtu setting is
+ now applied by default. This resolves networking issues on low-mtu
+ networks.
* Meson is now supported as build system in addition to Automake. It is
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@@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ Janitorial Clean-ups:
+* replace all uses of fgets() + LINE_MAX by read_line()
+* dissect: when we discover squashfs, don't claim we had a "writable" partition
+ in systemd-dissect
* Add AddUser= setting to unit files, similar to DynamicUser=1 which however
creates a static, persistent user rather than a dynamic, transient user. We
can leverage code from sysusers.d for this.
@@ -37,8 +42,6 @@ Features:
diffs remain minimal (in particular: the OUI databases we import are not
sorted, and not stable)
-* set SystemCallArchitectures=native on all our services
* maybe add call sd_journal_set_block_timeout() or so to set SO_SNDTIMEO for
the sd-journal logging socket, and, if the timeout is set to 0, sets
O_NONBLOCK on it. That way people can control if and when to block for
@@ -47,13 +50,6 @@ Features:
* tighten sd_notify() MAINPID= checks a bit: don't accept foreign PIDs (i.e.
PIDs not managed by the service manager)
-* journald: when we recv a log datagram via the native or syslog transports,
- search for the PID in the active stream connections, and let's make sure to
- always process the datagrams before the streams. Then, cache client metadata
- per stream in the stream object. This way we can somewhat fix the race with
- quickly exiting processes which log as long as they had their own stream
- connection...
* hostnamed: populate form factor data from a new hwdb database, so that old
yogas can be recognized as "convertible" too, even if they predate the DMI
"convertible" form factor
@@ -94,8 +90,6 @@ Features:
* maybe introduce gpt auto discovery for /var/tmp?
-* set ProtectSystem=strict for all our usual services.
* fix PrivateNetwork= so that we fall back gracefully on kernels lacking
namespacing support (similar for the other namespacing options)
@@ -140,8 +134,6 @@ Features:
* enable LockMLOCK to take a percentage value relative to physical memory
-* switch to ProtectSystem=strict for all our long-running services where that's possible
* Permit masking specific netlink APIs with RestrictAddressFamily=
* nspawn: start UID allocation loop from hash of container name
@@ -466,8 +458,6 @@ Features:
* maybe add a generator that looks for "" on the kernel cmdline for container usercases...
-* cgtop: make cgtop useful in a container
* test/:
- add 'set -e' to scripts in test/
- make stuff in test/ work with separate output dir
@@ -717,8 +707,6 @@ Features:
* cryptsetup:
- cryptsetup-generator: allow specification of passwords in crypttab itself
- - move cryptsetup key caching into kernel keyctl?
- support rd.luks.allow-discards= kernel cmdline params in cryptsetup generator
* hw watchdog: optionally try to use the preset watchdog timeout instead of always overriding it
@@ -738,8 +726,6 @@ Features:
- add trigger --subsystem-match=usb/usb_device device
- reimport udev db after MOVE events for devices without dev_t
-* when a service has the same env var set twice we actually store it twice and return that in systemctl show -p... We should only show the last setting
* There's currently no way to cancel fsck (used to be possible via C-c or c on the console)
* add option to sockets to avoid activation. Instead just drop packets/connections, see
@@ -798,10 +784,7 @@ Features:
* dot output for --test showing the 'initial transaction'
* pid1:
- - .timer units should optionally support CLOCK_BOOTTIME in addition to CLOCK_MONOTONIC
- When logging about multiple units (stopping BoundTo units, conflicts, etc.),
log both units as UNIT=, so that journalctl -u triggers on both.
- generate better errors when people try to set transient properties
@@ -837,12 +820,9 @@ Features:
- load-fragment: when loading a unit file via a chain of symlinks
verify that it is not masked via any of the names traversed.
- introduce Type=pid-file
- - ExecOnFailure=/usr/bin/foo
- introduce mix of BindTo and Requisite
- add a concept of RemainAfterExit= to scope units
- - Set NoNewPrivileges= on all of our own services, where that makes sense
- Allow multiple ExecStart= for all Type= settings, so that we can cover rescue.service nicely
- - consider adding RuntimeDirectoryUser= + RuntimeDirectoryGroup=
* udev-link-config:
- Make sure ID_PATH is always exported and complete for
@@ -884,7 +864,6 @@ Features:
* dhcp:
- figure out how much we can increase Maximum Message Size
- - support RFC4702 (pass FQDN)
* dhcp6:
- add functions to set previously stored IPv6 addresses on startup and get
@@ -916,8 +895,6 @@ External:
* drop accountsservice's StandardOutput=syslog and Type=dbus fields
-* dbus: in fedora, make /var/lib/dbus/machine-id a symlink to /etc/machine-id
* /usr/bin/service should actually show the new command line
* fedora: suggest auto-restart on failure, but not on success and not on coredump. also, ask people to think about changing the start limit logic. Also point people to RestartPreventExitStatus=, SuccessExitStatus=
diff --git a/cb/elogind.cbp b/cb/elogind.cbp
index f2eb8ab94..cadaa17ca 100644
--- a/cb/elogind.cbp
+++ b/cb/elogind.cbp
@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@
<Option compilerVar="CC" />
<Unit filename="../src/basic/bus-label.h" />
+ <Unit filename="../src/basic/cap-list.c">
+ <Option compilerVar="CC" />
+ </Unit>
+ <Unit filename="../src/basic/cap-list.h" />
<Unit filename="../src/basic/capability-util.c">
<Option compilerVar="CC" />
diff --git a/ b/
index 090c2e9b5..06406b782 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -2462,7 +2462,7 @@ executable('elogind-cgroups-agent',
# install_dir : rootlibexecdir)
# endif
-# exe = executable('networkctl',
+# exe = executable('networkctl',
# networkctl_sources,
# include_directories : includes,
# link_with : [libsystemd_network,