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tree-wide: drop spurious newlines (#8764)
Double newlines (i.e. one empty lines) are great to structure code. But let's avoid triple newlines (i.e. two empty lines), quadruple newlines, quintuple newlines, …, that's just spurious whitespace. It's an easy way to drop 121 lines of code, and keeps the coding style of our sources a bit tigther.
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diff --git a/src/core/cgroup.c b/src/core/cgroup.c
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--- a/src/core/cgroup.c
+++ b/src/core/cgroup.c
@@ -1693,7 +1693,6 @@ static void unit_remove_from_cgroup_realize_queue(Unit *u) {
u->in_cgroup_realize_queue = false;
/* Check if necessary controllers and attributes for a unit are in place.
* If so, do nothing.