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* Commit patch to update .gitignoreHEADarchive/debian/239.1+20181112+gd4a3f291e395+nosubmodule-1+debian1masterIan Jackson2018-11-13
* Merge branch 'Upstream_fix_issue_92' into debian_WIPMark Hindley2018-11-12
| * Issue #92 fixed upstream so drop local patch.Mark Hindley2018-11-12
* | Disable Dbus activation by default. However, leave the Dbus service file so t...Mark Hindley2018-11-09
* Fix daemonization. Avoid SIGABRT from mfree() on program_invocation_short_nameMark Hindley2018-11-06
* Patch documentation to consistently refer to elogind.Mark Hindley2018-11-01
* Remove patch fix-forking.diff. FDs are now correctly closed with safe_fork_fu...Mark Hindley2018-10-30
* Remove patch fix-udev-rules.diff. New helper program elogind-uaccess-command ...Mark Hindley2018-10-30
* Introduce patch to to fix daemonizinAndreas Messer2018-01-27
* Update version and add patch to disable unsupported udev ruleAndreas Messer2018-01-08