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* Prep v229: Remove remaining emacs settings [1/6] src/basicSven Eden2017-05-17
* Add support for building elogind against musl libcSven Eden2017-03-14
* Check whether printf.h is available and define/undef HAVE_PRINTF_H accordingly. * Added src/shared/parse-printf-format.[hc] by Emil Renner Berthing <> that provides parse_printf_format() if printf.h is unavailable * Added src/basic/musl_missing.h by Juergen Buchmueller <> that implements glibc functions missing in musl libc as macros. * Extended src/basic/musl_missing.h and added src/basic/musl_missing.c providing - program_invocation_name - program_invocation_short_name and - elogind_set_program_name() to set the two where appropriate. * Added calls to elogind_set_program_name() to all main() functions where needed. * A few other fixes to work nicely with musl libc.