path: root/src/libsystemd/sd-device
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* libudev: enumerate - accept NULL parameters in add_match()Tom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: enumerator - fix matching on properties and sysattrsTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: fix return codes on errorZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2017-03-14
* libudev-device: fix lazy loading of devlinks, properties and tagsTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: uniformly handle missing devicesTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: enumerator - match only on initialized devices by defaultTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: enumerator - don't expose add_device()Tom Gundersen2017-03-14
* libudev: make libudev-enumerate a thin wrapper around sd-deviceTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* sd-device: add device-enumerator libraryTom Gundersen2017-03-14
* Rename more things to elogindAndy Wingo2015-04-19
* sd-device: get_sysattr_value - don't leak returned valueTom Gundersen2015-04-03
* sd-device: initialize variableTom Gundersen2015-04-03
* libsystemd: add sd-device libraryTom Gundersen2015-04-02