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* units: direct users to the journal for logs when entering rescue modeLennart Poettering2012-04-04
* units/: use @SYSTEMCTL@ instead of hardcoded pathsDave Reisner2012-04-04
* udev: fix path in udev.serviceKay Sievers2012-04-04
* move imported udev into placeKay Sievers2012-04-04
* units: mount /tmp as tmpfsKay Sievers2012-03-27
* units: get rid of var-run.mount and var-lock.mountLennart Poettering2012-03-27
* units: don't mount tmpfs on /media anymoreLennart Poettering2012-03-27
* systemd: mount the securityfs filesystem at early stageRoberto Sassu2012-03-22
* socket: add option for SO_PASSECLennart Poettering2012-03-13
* units: reword rescue/emergency mode message to fit in 80charsLennart Poettering2012-02-15
* journal: add CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID to capabilities for journald, so that ...Lennart Poettering2012-02-10
* service: ignore SIGPIPE by defaultLennart Poettering2012-02-09
* journal: limit caps we pass to journaldLennart Poettering2012-02-09
* move /usr/bin/systemd to /usr/lib/systemd/systemdKay Sievers2012-02-08
* logind: add sys_tty_config capability, to let it use VT_ACTIVATE ioctl on "ac...Mike Kazantsev2012-01-27
* log: increase socket buffers for logging by defaultLennart Poettering2012-01-27
* core: switch all log targets to go directly to the journal, instead via syslogLennart Poettering2012-01-12
* units: make sure syslog socket goes away early during shutdownLennart Poettering2012-01-12
* units: remove left-over unit fileLennart Poettering2012-01-06
* journald: start the journal after the syslog socket, so that the syslog socke...Lennart Poettering2012-01-06
* kmsg-syslogd: remove kmsg-syslogd, since it's entirely obsoleted and replaced...Lennart Poettering2012-01-06
* stdout: remove stdout-syslog-bridge since it is now obsoleted by journaldLennart Poettering2012-01-06
* journal: move sockets into their own subdirLennart Poettering2012-01-05
* socket: rename the PassCred= option to PassCredentials=, since we don't want ...Lennart Poettering2011-12-31
* Merge branch 'journal'Lennart Poettering2011-12-31
| * journald: forward all syslog messages to syslogdLennart Poettering2011-12-30
| * journal: add unit files and shared library glueLennart Poettering2011-12-30
* | rc-local: order after network.targetMichal Schmidt2011-12-02
* | rc-local: no need to check if the script is executableMichal Schmidt2011-12-02
* | add a generator to pull rc-local.service inMichal Schmidt2011-12-02
* | syslog: use PassCred=yes for the /dev/log socketMichal Schmidt2011-11-30
* | shutdownd: use PassCred=yes in the socket unitMichal Schmidt2011-11-30
* | units/suse: let rc-local.service log to syslogMichal Schmidt2011-11-09
* | units/fedora: let rc-local.service log to syslogMichal Schmidt2011-11-09
* | units: drop unnecessary 'StandardOutput=syslog'Michal Schmidt2011-11-09
* Add Mageia supportDexter Morgan2011-11-02
* units: drop [Install] section from remote-fs-pre.targetLennart Poettering2011-11-01
* units: forgot target unitsLennart Poettering2011-10-11
* units: increase LimitNOFILE a bitLennart Poettering2011-10-11
* units: remount root and API FS before all mount units are appliedLennart Poettering2011-10-11
* readahead: opt out of bridge logging for readahead in order not to delay thin...Lennart Poettering2011-09-23
* units: fix rescue.service race with plymouthMichal Schmidt2011-09-22
* units: introduce unit file for FUSE fsLennart Poettering2011-09-22
* units: In MeeGo there was more than one ExecStart lines present that caused s...Marko Saukko2011-09-21
* units: we don't need to check whether /sys/kernel/security is already mounted...Lennart Poettering2011-09-21
* units: drop automount unit for /dev/hugepagesLennart Poettering2011-09-21
* units: drop automount unit for /dev/mqueueLennart Poettering2011-09-21
* units: drop automount unit for /sys/kernel/securityLennart Poettering2011-09-21
* units: drop automount unit for /sys/kernel/debugLennart Poettering2011-09-21
* units: drop /sys/kernel/config automount unitLennart Poettering2011-09-21