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* Handle output file correctly when generating a diffEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Do not link eos-profile with libendlessEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Add machine-readable diff outputEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Add a diff tool for the eos-profile toolEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Use the utility function for accessing probesEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Extract the probe parsing functionEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Add eos-profile-convert commandEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Programmatically generate command usage and helpEmmanuele Bassi2018-03-21
* Nest profile output a bit betterEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-22
* Move metadata at the top of the outputEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-20
* Fix whitespace in the sample timing messageEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-19
* Add missing handler for start time metadataEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-19
* Beautify the eos-profile-show outputEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-19
* Add show command to eos-profileEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-19
* Add CLI tool for loading profiling apturesEmmanuele Bassi2018-01-18
* Handle HTML with embedded tagsPhilip Chimento2015-06-18
* Handle quotes in HTML stringsPhilip Chimento2015-06-18
* Handle excess whitespace in stringsPhilip Chimento2015-06-18
* Ensure stdout is UTF-8Philip Chimento2015-06-05
* Set encoding on input and output filesPhilip Chimento2015-06-05
* html-extractor: be more explicit about encoding conversionCosimo Cecchi2015-06-04
* Fix help strings of eos-json-extractorPhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Port eos-html-extractor to Python 3Philip Chimento2015-06-04
* Fix bug with no commentsPhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Avoid global statePhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Avoid unnecessary importsPhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* eos-html-extractor PEP8 and consistency cleanupPhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Port eos-html-extractor to use argparsePhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Add eos-html-extractor and m4 filePhilip Chimento2015-06-04
* Remove ancient test runnerPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Merge pull request #493 from endlessm/issues/1620Cosimo Cecchi2014-01-24
| * Added automatic install of eos-dev if it's not on the VMSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
| * Removed need for bash on setting the personalitySrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
| * Instead of softlinking ansible-playbook, we copy it into binSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
| * Changed the remote cache dir to be more standardSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
| * Removed obsolete filesSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
| * Applied a better implementation of setting the dev folder on the desktopSrdjan Grubor2014-01-22
| * Cleaned the scripts up to not be split by sudo prefix by using sudo variable ...Srdjan Grubor2014-01-21
| * Moved copying of desktop links to a separate scriptSrdjan Grubor2014-01-21
| * Renamed setup_other_tools script as it could be ambiguousSrdjan Grubor2014-01-21
| * Removed the apply in desktop update script since it wasn't neededSrdjan Grubor2014-01-17
| * Updated the READMESrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
| * Moved ansible directory into toolsSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16
* | Use #!/usr/bin/env in our shebangsSam Spilsbury2014-01-14
* Merge pull request #431 from endlessm/issues/335P. F. Chimento2013-12-10
| * Integrated JSON extraction utilityFernando2013-12-10
* | Merge pull request #434 from endlessm/issues/432Rory MacQueen2013-12-10
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Use System.exit() and System.programInvocationNamePhilip Chimento2013-12-09
* | Subcommand 'eos-application-manifest init'Philip Chimento2013-12-09
* | eos-application-manifest: Fix bug in help formattingPhilip Chimento2013-12-09