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* Added automatic install of eos-dev if it's not on the VMSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
* Removed need for bash on setting the personalitySrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
* Removed obsolete filesSrdjan Grubor2014-01-24
* Applied a better implementation of setting the dev folder on the desktopSrdjan Grubor2014-01-22
* Cleaned the scripts up to not be split by sudo prefix by using sudo variable ...Srdjan Grubor2014-01-21
* Moved copying of desktop links to a separate scriptSrdjan Grubor2014-01-21
* Renamed setup_other_tools script as it could be ambiguousSrdjan Grubor2014-01-21
* Moved ansible directory into toolsSrdjan Grubor2014-01-16