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* Create a parallel version of WebHelper2 for WebKit2-3.0Philip Chimento2015-08-07
* Webhelper local:// URI schemePhilip Chimento2015-06-26
* Use ProxyConstructor asynchronouslyPhilip Chimento2015-06-18
* Handle excess whitespace in stringsPhilip Chimento2015-06-18
* webhelper: cast ngettext() number to guint64 instead of gulongCosimo Cecchi2015-05-22
* Export webview DBus objects when bus readyPhilip Chimento2015-05-22
* Expose ngettext() to client-side JSPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Expose gettext() to client-side JSPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Implement web actions in WebHelper2Philip Chimento2015-05-21
* WebHelper2 for translating WebKit2 viewsPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Move webhelper Makefile code into toplevelPhilip Chimento2015-05-20
* Enable Gjs and C coverage reports.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-10
* Add publicly available font size propertyPatrick Ward2014-01-29
* WebHelper documentation improvementsPhilip Chimento2013-09-23
* Don't forget to import String.format()Philip Chimento2013-09-23
* URIdecode web action namePhilip Chimento2013-09-23
* Update WebHelper API to be introspectablePhilip Chimento2013-09-23
* Documentation for WebHelperPhilip Chimento2013-09-19
* Do translation with webhelperPhilip Chimento2013-09-16
* Better error checking on web actionsPhilip Chimento2013-09-16
* Adjust API so that "public" functions don't start with _Philip Chimento2013-09-16
* Install WebHelper into GJS modules directoryPhilip Chimento2013-09-12