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* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
* EosPageManager uses GtkStack properties directlyMatt Watson2014-05-13
* Merge pull request #941 from endlessm/sdk/940P. F. Chimento2014-04-23
| * Fix broken imports in sdkMatt Watson2014-04-22
* | Remove unused code that is causing segfaultRory MacQueen2014-04-23
* Remove manual garbage collectionPhilip Chimento2014-03-14
* Padded category title and description to approximate designsMatt Watson2014-02-07
* Reorganize category page, add drop shadowsRory MacQueen2014-02-07
* Merge pull request #554 from endlessm/issues/548Will Greenberg2014-02-05
| * Abort wiki app if json for personality not foundMatt Watson2014-02-05
* | Merge pull request #545 from endlessm/issues-wikipedia-offline/304mattdangerw2014-02-05
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| * | Don't try to open browser-*:// URI schemes locallyPhilip Chimento2014-02-05
| |/
* / Fix for making arrow hover states correct in NUCRory MacQueen2014-02-04
* Don't clear other state flags in composite buttonMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Always reserve space for arrow on article listMatt Watson2014-01-29
* Manually call System.gc() to limit memory usageMatt Watson2014-01-23
* Chain to gobjects init in wiki presenterMatt Watson2014-01-22
* Move and realign category buttonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Change the category button to a CompositeButtonPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Replace category arrow assetPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Fix padding for shadow and hit areaPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Move category back button to its own classPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Replace back button PNG asset with SVGPhilip Chimento2014-01-22
* Merge pull request #515 from endlessm/issues/487plward112014-01-22
| * Crop category pixbufs from bottom leftPhilip Chimento2014-01-21
* | Increase font sizesPhilip Chimento2014-01-21
* Merge pull request #501 from endlessm/issues/500Rory MacQueen2014-01-20
| * Article list titles should be in normal casePhilip Chimento2014-01-20
* | Change the shadow separatorPhilip Chimento2014-01-17
* Fixed hit box of the category back button for wiki appsMatt Watson2014-01-16
* Update Wikipedia CSS to resize font sizePatrick Ward2014-01-16
* Moved category page back to the leftMatt Watson2013-12-12
* Category button sizing for gtk 3.10Matt Watson2013-12-05
* Fix wiki apps title category button sizingMatt Watson2013-12-05
* Add category button mouseover arrow in overlayMatt Watson2013-12-04
* Simplified category buttonMatt Watson2013-12-04
* Freed cairo context for BoxWithBg widgetMatt Watson2013-11-18
* Merge pull request #406 from endlessm/issues/402rmacqueen2013-11-18
| * Domain specific apps no longer must specify linksWill2013-11-15
* | Dispose cairo context in vfunc_drawMatt Watson2013-11-15
* | Revert quick fix for memory leakMatt Watson2013-11-14
* Partly revert "Only load category button images when needed"Philip Chimento2013-11-12
* Add word wrap widths to the front page categoriesPhilip Chimento2013-11-07
* Add word wrap on category titlesRory MacQueen2013-11-07
* Only load category button images when neededMatt Watson2013-11-06
* Don't pass lang parameter to query anymorePhilip Chimento2013-11-04
* Intercept requests to /wiki/[title]Rory MacQueen2013-11-04
* Load articles by IdRory MacQueen2013-11-04
* Merge pull request #384 from endlessm/issues/383rmacqueen2013-11-01
| * Query articles with the 'source' parameterPhilip Chimento2013-10-31