BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDeclare fast forward from 0.2.6-1Carl Suster3 years
archive/debian/0.4.0-1commit a35e039281...Carl Suster3 years
debian/0.4.0-1commit 1539c3fc98...Carl Suster3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-01-10Declare fast forward from 0.2.6-1HEADarchive/debian/0.4.0-1masterCarl Suster
2017-01-11Prepare release for uploadingdebian/0.4.0-1Carl Suster
2017-01-11make the Python 3 module and -doc package Suggest each otherCarl Suster
2017-01-11Document in d/ch the installation of the READMECarl Suster
2017-01-11Document in d/ch -doc.links and -doc.doc-baseCarl Suster
2017-01-11Document the d/p/0002*.patch in d/chCarl Suster
2017-01-11Document changes to d/clean and d/s/options in d/chCarl Suster
2017-01-11Document new B-Ds in d/changelogCarl Suster
2017-01-11Correct Build deps so that chroot build succeedsCarl Suster
2017-01-10Prepare release for uploadCarl Suster