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* scanner: Allow "--" as option argument.Explorer092017-12-09
* scanner: scanopt_err() now returns voidExplorer092017-12-08
* scanner: simplify scanopt_usage().Explorer092017-12-08
* scanner: Simplify PRINT_SPACES() macroExplorer092017-10-05
* scanner: remove BASENAME(); don't strip path from program_nameExplorer092017-08-24
* scanner: #define BASENAME, remove #include libgen.hJannick2017-07-17
* cast to get rid of warningsrlar2016-03-08
* add (size_t) casts to malloc invocations to prevent warningsrlar2016-03-01
* add (int) casts to some strlen() invocations to prevent warningsrlar2016-02-29
* Removed custom strcasecmp() functionWill Estes2016-02-28
* Remove some unneeded castsrlar2016-02-28
* Remove remaining use of PROTOMichael Reed2015-12-25
* correct function prototypeWill Estes2015-12-17
* Remove more instances of PROTOMichael Reed2015-12-15
* Removed NULL-checks before free()Michael McConville2015-12-09
* Remove allocation castsMichael McConville2015-12-07
* Use NULL rather than (type *) 0.Michael McConville2015-12-05
* Replaced CHAR macro with unsigned char type.Mightyjo2015-11-29
* Switch function definitions from mixed K&R to consistent ANSI C.Stefan Reinauer2015-11-19
* Remove unused argument and variable from src/scanopt.c:scanopt_errMariusz PluciƄski2014-11-23
* NetBSD downstream patches.Christos Zoulas2014-11-11
* move flex program sources into src/ directoryWill Estes2014-02-16