BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDo not emit the Requires.private line in the pkgconfig fileJames Cowgill5 months
archive/debian/3.3-1commit e9366c6aea...James Cowgill5 months
debian/3.3-1commit a2eb4f24a8...James Cowgill5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-15Do not emit the Requires.private line in the pkgconfig fileHEADarchive/debian/3.3-1masterJames Cowgill
2019-07-15Remove the date from the documentation footer to make theJames Cowgill
2019-07-15d/changelog: Finalize changelog for 3.3-1debian/3.3-1James Cowgill
2019-07-15d/*.symbols: Add new symbols exported by 3.3James Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Add new runtime dependenciesJames Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Update build dependenciesJames Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Remove "Priority: extra" from libglfw3-waylandJames Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Bump standards to 4.3.0James Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Enable Rules-Requires-RootJames Cowgill
2019-07-15d/control: Use new salsa git URLsJames Cowgill