BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFinalize changes for 4.2-2Russ Allbery17 months
archive/debian/4.2-2commit 71465a6985...Russ Allbery17 months
debian/4.2-2commit 71465a6985...Russ Allbery17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-26Finalize changes for 4.2-2HEADdebian/4.2-2archive/debian/4.2-2masterRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Remove trailing whitespace in debian/changelogRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Bump watch file version to 4 and use https for URLRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Run wrap-and-sort -astRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Update to debhelper compatibility level V11Russ Allbery
2018-08-26Update to standards version 4.2.1Russ Allbery
2018-08-26Refresh upstream signing keyRuss Allbery
2018-08-26Switch to the DEP-14 branch layoutRuss Allbery
2015-12-25Finalize changes for 4.2-1Russ Allbery
2015-12-25Enable all compiler hardening optionsRuss Allbery