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* Move lib to the root.Linus Nordberg2014-02-05
* Don't use deprecated 'INCLUDES' variable in files.Linus Nordberg2013-12-20
* Pass make distcheck.Linus Nordberg2013-05-08
* Compile with -Werror.Linus Nordberg2013-01-22
* Don't install example programs.Linus Nordberg2011-03-25
* Add (disabled) linkage to libefence.Linus Nordberg2011-03-08
* Use AM_CFLAGS when setting CFLAGS.Linus Nordberg2011-02-19
* Do build examples with -Wall -g.Linus Nordberg2011-02-04
* Pick usage of struct request in example code at run time.Linus Nordberg2011-02-02
* Use the request object in example programs.Linus Nordberg2010-10-28
* Autotoolize.Linus Nordberg2010-10-05