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* fixed syslog url syntax, updated example config and manpagevenaas2007-06-13
* some minor updatesvenaas2007-06-05
* completely changed TLS configurationvenaas2007-06-01
* added config examplevenaas2007-05-31
* fixed example configvenaas2007-05-30
* added reject supportvenaas2007-05-29
* support quoting of values, realm matching literal or regexp with / prefixing ...venaas2007-05-29
* added status-server examplevenaas2007-05-23
* slight regexp example changevenaas2007-05-23
* now uses regexp for realms including warnings that will be removed latervenaas2007-05-23
* updated config examples and READMEvenaas2007-05-15
* 4 debug levels, 3 defaultvenaas2007-05-09
* Can now specifiy syslog facilityvenaas2007-05-07
* Can now specifiy syslog facilityvenaas2007-05-07
* added logging to file and syslog (need to add support for specifying facility)venaas2007-05-04
* added tcp and udp listen directivesvenaas2007-02-16
* added password for encr keysvenaas2007-02-14
* config examplesvenaas2007-02-08
* config examplesvenaas2007-02-08