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* new configuration codevenaas2007-05-11
* cleaned up some attribute parsing codevenaas2007-05-11
* 4 debug levels, 3 defaultvenaas2007-05-09
* Reordered radsecproxy.hvenaas2007-05-09
* Detach as default, options for foreground and debug levelvenaas2007-05-07
* added logging to file and syslog (need to add support for specifying facility)venaas2007-05-04
* using debug() in getconfig()venaas2007-05-03
* fixed clientwr timer bug, started implementing status servervenaas2007-02-16
* removed UDPServerPort directivevenaas2007-02-16
* added tcp and udp listen directivesvenaas2007-02-16
* added password for encr keysvenaas2007-02-14
* removed warnings, add some typecastsvenaas2007-02-13
* improved config codevenaas2007-02-08
* dynamic allocation of client/server datavenaas2007-01-26
* implemented retriesvenaas2007-01-25
* further tls changes. not complete, contains some test codevenaas2007-01-25
* added code for reading main config and restructured tls init codevenaas2007-01-16
* code for cleaning up when tls client goes awayvenaas2007-01-15
* bug fixingvenaas2007-01-08
* handling mschapv2 and bug fixingvenaas2007-01-08
* ok, but trying some test code keeping original id, to be changed back latervenaas2007-01-05
* git-svn-id: e88ac4ed-0b2...venaas2007-01-04
* fixed minor bugsvenaas2007-01-04
* changed from struct peer to struct server and struct clientvenaas2007-01-04
* tlsconnect changesvenaas2007-01-03
* git-svn-id: e88ac4ed-0b26...venaas2007-01-02
* git-svn-id: e88ac4ed-0b26...venaas2007-01-02