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* some code improvemetns, more efficiently removing outstanding requests when r...venaas2008-09-24
* better logging, fixed bug with crash when removing clientvenaas2008-09-17
* fixed couple of bugsvenaas2008-09-17
* cleaning up codevenaas2008-09-17
* changing to use a separate client structure for each udp clientvenaas2008-09-14
* moved bindtoaddr back to radsecproxy.cvenaas2008-08-21
* restructuring codevenaas2008-08-21
* removed some harmless compiler warningsvenaas2008-06-10
* Solaris9 fixvenaas2008-02-21
* Solaris9 fixesvenaas2008-02-19
* implemented config file stack; to be used for include supportvenaas2007-11-26
* added subjectaltname cert checks, incl regexp urivenaas2007-06-28
* added logging to file and syslog (need to add support for specifying facility)venaas2007-05-04
* using debug() some more placesvenaas2007-05-03
* added tcp and udp listen directivesvenaas2007-02-16
* changes to build on NetBSDvenaas2007-02-09
* added code for reading main config and restructured tls init codevenaas2007-01-16
* fixed minor bugsvenaas2007-01-04
* git-svn-id: e88ac4ed-0b26...venaas2007-01-02