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* d/control spring cleaningFelipe Sateler2019-02-03
* Ship the upstream manpage instead of using help2manFelipe Sateler2019-02-03
* Bump the minimum required version to python 3.6Felipe Sateler2019-02-03
* Add recommends on debian and ubuntu keyrings to be able to build debian and u...Felipe Sateler2018-04-27
* Update Vcs-* to point to https://salsa.debian.orgMichael Biebl2018-01-29
* Add explicit Depends on e2fsprogs.Felipe Sateler2018-01-15
* Note the minimum required version of nspawn (233)Felipe Sateler2017-08-27
* Add depends on new fdisk packageFelipe Sateler2017-08-12
* Bump standards versionFelipe Sateler2017-06-22
* Python needs to be >= 3.5 nowFelipe Sateler2017-06-22
* Create manpage via help2manFelipe Sateler2016-10-05
* Initial debian versionFelipe Sateler2016-09-25