BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd files from upstream tarball missing from gitTollef Fog Heen14 months
archive/debian/0.26-3commit 5507b6f8f9...Tollef Fog Heen14 months
debian/0.26-3commit 5507b6f8f9...Tollef Fog Heen14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-14Add files from upstream tarball missing from gitHEADdebian/0.26-3archive/debian/0.26-3masterTollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14releasing package mlocate version 0.26-3Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Update VCS-git fields.Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Add debian/gbp.confTollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Pull in patch from upstream to fix up include guards for db.h and ship the fi...Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Use getent group instead of sg in postinst for testing if the mlocate group e...Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Update upstream home page location and watch file. Also update debian/copyri...Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Suggest nocache. Closes: #911653Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Run cron script under nice. Closes: #602485Tollef Fog Heen
2018-11-14Update list of excluded file systems. Closes: #907579Tollef Fog Heen