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* releaseHEADdebian/0.47masterSean Whitton2016-07-19
* dh_auto_install passes extra paramsSean Whitton2016-07-19
* release 0.46Sean Whitton2016-07-07
* bump standards versionSean Whitton2016-07-07
* dh_xul-ext: extend Guido's fix for ubuntu's epochSean Whitton2016-07-07
* changelogSean Whitton2016-07-07
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts ver. 0.45.1Sean Whitton2016-03-22
* d/changelog: updateSean Whitton2016-03-22
* d/changelog: 0.45.1 changesSean Whitton2016-03-22
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.45Sean Whitton2016-03-12
* d/changelog: closes bugSean Whitton2016-03-12
* d/changelog: typoSean Whitton2016-03-12
* d/changelog: fix version...Sean Whitton2016-03-12
* d/control: update VCS-* to canonical https URLsSean Whitton2016-03-12
* d/control: bump standards versionSean Whitton2016-03-12
* dh_xul-ext: update xul-app-data for firefox transSean Whitton2016-03-12
* release version 0.44Sean Whitton2016-01-21
* d/changelog: fix uploader notificationSean Whitton2016-01-21
* d/changelog: closesSean Whitton2016-01-17
* drop support for IceapeSean Whitton2016-01-17
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.43Benjamin Drung2016-01-12
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.42Jérémy Bobbio2015-06-11
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.41Jérémy Bobbio2015-06-01
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.40Jérémy Bobbio2015-05-20
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.39Benjamin Drung2014-05-17
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.38Benjamin Drung2014-05-10
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.37Benjamin Drung2014-05-09
* releasing package mozilla-devscripts version 0.36Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* Release mozilla-devscripts 0.35 to Debian unstable.Benjamin Drung2013-12-21
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Drung2013-04-15
| * Document changesMatthias Schmitz2013-04-14
* | releasing version 0.34Benjamin Drung2013-04-15
* releasing version 0.33Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* releasing version 0.32Benjamin Drung2012-05-23
* releasing version 0.31Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* releasing version 0.30Benjamin Drung2012-01-12
* releasing version 0.29Benjamin Drung2011-10-12
* Add ${xpi:Breaks} for versioned package dependency for maximum XUL applicatio...Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Update debian/changelog.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* debian/changelog: removed new upstream release bit.Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* debian/changelog: imported Benjamin's changes.Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* debian/changelog: updated with my changes.Andrea Veri2011-10-08
* releasing version 0.28Benjamin Drung2011-08-20
* dh_xul-ext: Sort list of CSV files to fix test case failuresBenjamin Drung2011-08-20
* releasing version 0.27Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Add a DH_XUL_EXT_VENDOR environment variable to dh_xul-ext.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Update and fix my email addresses.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Add an --all parameter to dh_xul-ext to make packages that work with everyBenjamin Drung2011-07-09
* Add a MOZ_XPI_CLEAN_COMMAND to; thanks to Ximin Luo for the patchBenjamin Drung2011-07-09
* Update package lists for Debian unstable and Ubuntu oneiric.Benjamin Drung2011-07-06