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* install-xpi: sort file list in preferences filesBenjamin Drung2016-01-12
* Use UTC as timezone when calling zip or unzipJérémy Bobbio2015-06-01
* install-xpi: dh_link needs to be run from package home directory, e.g. when g...Ximin Luo2015-03-02
* install-xpi: Catch RDF.RedlandError exception and print error message.Benjamin Drung2014-05-10
* pylint improvements.Benjamin Drung2014-05-09
* PEP8 fixes.Benjamin Drung2014-05-09
* Update year in copyright stanza.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* install-xpi: Search in the parent directories for a debian/ directory.Benjamin Drung2013-01-19
* Improve comment.Benjamin Drung2012-08-19
* install-xpi: Fail nicely if debian/control is missing.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* install-xpi: Fix crash when invoking --help outside a package directory.Benjamin Drung2012-04-22
* Use unnamed variables in SPARQL queries if they are unused.Benjamin Drung2012-01-12
* Move scripts and Python modules one level up to correct installation directory.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11