BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix permanently identify bugMo Jun15 months
archive/debian/3.6.1-1commit fa2bbce311...James Cowgill15 months
debian/3.6.1-1commit 4b8c8081f1...James Cowgill15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-16fix permanently identify bugHEADarchive/debian/3.6.1-1masterMo Jun
2018-09-16Fixes to the LISP window system for 3.6.0James Cowgill
2018-09-16Fix FTBFS on kfreebsdVincent Cheng
2018-09-16fix 64 bit issues in lisp codeBernhard R. Link
2018-09-16lisp support in src/MakefileBernhard R. Link
2018-09-16Debian (and Linux) specifics defined in unixconf.h.Joshua Kwan
2018-09-16Better way to do it.Joshua Kwan
2018-09-16Use /usr/share/pixmaps/nethack/ for pretty pictures.Joshua Kwan
2018-09-16Be a little bit more useful with recover's error messagesIan Jackson
2018-09-16Common config.h for all binary packages.Joshua Kwan