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Purpose of commit: new feature Commit summary: --------------- 2007-12-06 Eamon Walsh <> * libpam/include/security/_pam_macros.h: Add _pam_overwrite_n() macro. * libpam/include/security/_pam_types.h: Add PAM_XDISPLAY, PAM_XAUTHDATA items, pam_xauth_data struct. * libpam/pam_item.c (pam_set_item, pam_get_item): Handle PAM_XDISPLAY and PAM_XAUTHDATA items. * libpam/pam_end.c (pam_end): Destroy the new items. * libpam/pam_private.h (pam_handle): Add data members for new items. Add prototype for _pam_memdup. * libpam/pam_misc.c: Add _pam_memdup. * doc/man/ Add pam_xauth_data.3. Replace with and * doc/man/pam_get_item.3.xml: Replace with and * doc/man/pam_set_item.3.xml: Likewise. * doc/man/ Removed file. * doc/man/ New file. * doc/man/ New file.
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