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-.\" Title: pam_setcred
-.\" Author:
-.\" Generator: DocBook XSL Stylesheets v1.70.1 <>
-.\" Date: 06/27/2006
-.\" Manual: Linux\-PAM Manual
-.\" Source: Linux\-PAM Manual
-.TH "PAM_SETCRED" "3" "06/27/2006" "Linux\-PAM Manual" "Linux\-PAM Manual"
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-pam_setcred \- establish / delete user credentials
-.ft B
-#include <security/pam_appl.h>
-.HP 16
-.BI "int pam_setcred(pam_handle_t\ *" "pamh" ", int\ " "flags" ");"
-function is used to establish, maintain and delete the credentials of a user. It should be called after a user has been authenticated and before a session is opened for the user (with
-A credential is something that the user possesses. It is some property, such as a
-ticket, or a supplementary group membership that make up the uniqueness of a given user. On a Linux system the user's
-\fIGID\fR's are credentials too. However, it has been decided that these properties (along with the default supplementary groups of which the user is a member) are credentials that should be set directly by the application and not by PAM. Such credentials should be established, by the application, prior to a call to this function. For example,
-(or equivalent) should have been performed.
-\fIflags\fR, any one of which, may be logically OR'd with
-\fBPAM_SILENT\fR, are:
-.TP 3n
-Initialize the credentials for the user.
-.TP 3n
-Delete the user's credentials.
-.TP 3n
-Fully reinitialize the user's credentials.
-.TP 3n
-Extend the lifetime of the existing credentials.
-.TP 3n
-Memory buffer error.
-.TP 3n
-Failed to set user credentials.
-.TP 3n
-User credentials are expired.
-.TP 3n
-Failed to retrieve user credentials.
-.TP 3n
-Data was successful stored.
-.TP 3n
-A NULL pointer was submitted as PAM handle, the function was called by a module or another system error occured.
-.TP 3n
-User is not known to an authentication module.