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authorTomas Mraz <>2007-12-07 15:40:01 +0000
committerTomas Mraz <>2007-12-07 15:40:01 +0000
commit8ae5f5769c4c611ca6918450bbe6e55dfa4e5926 (patch)
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parent67b5cdd945120d8b0fe4c40fe9df576fa5c2a9a2 (diff)
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Purpose of commit: new feature and cleanup Commit summary: --------------- 2007-12-07 Tomas Mraz <> * libpam/ Add LIBPAM_MODUTIL_1.1 version. * libpam/pam_audit.c: Add _pam_audit_open() and pam_modutil_audit_write(). (_pam_auditlog): Call _pam_audit_open(). * libpam/include/security/pam_modutil.h: Add pam_modutil_audit_write(). * modules/pam_access/pam_access.8.xml: Add noaudit option. Document auditing. * modules/pam_access/pam_access.c: Move fs, sep, pam_access_debug, and only_new_group_syntax variables to struct login_info. Add noaudit member. (_parse_args): Adjust for the move of variables and add support for noaudit option. (group_match): Add debug parameter. (string_match): Likewise. (network_netmask_match): Likewise. (login_access): Adjust for the move of variables. Add nonall_match. Add call to pam_modutil_audit_write(). (list_match): Adjust for the move of variables. (user_match): Likewise. (from_match): Likewise. (pam_sm_authenticate): Call _parse_args() earlier. * modules/pam_limits/pam_limits.8.xml: Add noaudit option. Document auditing. * modules/pam_limits/pam_limits.c (_pam_parse): Add noaudit option. (setup_limits): Call pam_modutil_audit_write(). * modules/pam_time/pam_time.8.xml: Add debug and noaudit options. Document auditing. * modules/pam_time/pam_time.c: Add option parsing (_pam_parse()). (check_account): Call _pam_parse(). Call pam_modutil_audit_write() and pam_syslog() on login denials.
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/libpam/include/security/pam_modutil.h b/libpam/include/security/pam_modutil.h
index efb72436..ffdf5ad0 100644
--- a/libpam/include/security/pam_modutil.h
+++ b/libpam/include/security/pam_modutil.h
@@ -97,6 +97,9 @@ pam_modutil_read(int fd, char *buffer, int count);
extern int
pam_modutil_write(int fd, const char *buffer, int count);
+extern int PAM_NONNULL((1,3))
+pam_modutil_audit_write(pam_handle_t *pamh, int type,
+ const char *message, int retval);
#ifdef __cplusplus