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For this module to function correctly there must be a correctly
- formatted <filename>/etc/security/groups.conf</filename> file present.
+ formatted <filename>/etc/security/group.conf</filename> file present.
White spaces are ignored and lines maybe extended with '\' (escaped
newlines). Text following a '#' is ignored to the end of the line.
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
The <replaceable>times</replaceable> field is used to indicate "when"
these groups are to be given to the user. The format here is a logic
- list of day/time-range entries the days are specified by a sequence of
+ list of day/time-range entries. The days are specified by a sequence of
two character entries, MoTuSa for example is Monday Tuesday and Saturday.
Note that repeated days are unset MoMo = no day, and MoWk = all weekdays
bar Monday. The two character combinations accepted are Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
Each day/time-range can be prefixed with a '!' to indicate "anything but".
- The time-range part is two 24-hour times HHMM separated by a hyphen
+ The time-range part is two 24-hour times HHMM, separated by a hyphen,
indicating the start and finish time (if the finish time is smaller
than the start time it is deemed to apply on the following day).