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pam_mkhomedir: check and create home directory for the same user (ticket #22)
Before pam_mkhomedir helper was introduced in commit 7b14630ef39e71f603aeca0c47edf2f384717176, pam_mkhomedir was checking for existance and creating the same directory - the home directory of the user NAME returned by pam_get_item(PAM_USER). The change in behaviour accidentally introduced along with mkhomedir_helper is not consistent: while the module still checks for getpwnam(NAME)->pw_dir, the directory created by mkhomedir_helper is getpwnam(getpwnam(NAME)->pw_name)->pw_dir, which is not necessarily the same as the directory being checked. This change brings check and creation back in sync, both handling getpwnam(NAME)->pw_dir. * modules/pam_mkhomedir/pam_mkhomedir.c (create_homedir): Replace "struct passwd *" argument with user's name and home directory. Pass user's name to MKHOMEDIR_HELPER. (pam_sm_open_session): Update create_homedir call.
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