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Make / mount as rslave instead of bind mounting polydirs.
* modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.c (protect_dir): Drop the always argument. (check_inst_parent): Drop the always argument from protect_dir(). (create_polydir): Likewise. (ns_setup): Likewise and do not mark the polydir with MS_PRIVATE. (setup_namespace): Mark the / with MS_SLAVE|MS_REC. * modules/pam_namespace/pam_namespace.8.xml: Reflect the change in docs.
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This option can be used on systems where the / mount point or
its submounts are made shared (for example with a
<command>mount --make-rshared /</command> command).
- The module will make the polyinstantiated directory mount points
- private. Normally the pam_namespace will try to detect the
+ The module will mark the whole directory tree so any mount and
+ unmount operations in the polyinstantiation namespace are private.
+ Normally the pam_namespace will try to detect the
shared / mount point and make the polyinstantiated directories
private automatically. This option has to be used just when
only a subtree is shared and / is not.
+ <para>
+ Note that mounts and unmounts done in the private namespace will not
+ affect the parent namespace if this option is used or when the
+ shared / mount point is autodetected.
+ </para>