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modules/*/ list secureconf_DATA files in EXTRA_DIST uniformly
The change was prepared using the following script: git grep -l secureconf_DATA modules/*/ |while read m; do t="$(sed '/^secureconf_DATA = /!d;s///;q' -- "$m")" sed -i "/^EXTRA_DIST =/ s/\\<$t\\>/\$(secureconf_DATA)/" -- "$m" done * modules/pam_access/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace access.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_env/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace pam_env.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_group/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace group.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_limits/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace limits.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_namespace/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace namespace.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_sepermit/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace sepermit.conf with $(secureconf_DATA). * modules/pam_time/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace time.conf with $(secureconf_DATA).
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