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pam_succeed_if: Add list support for group membership checks
Examples: account requisite user ingroup group1:group2 OR account requisite user notingroup group1:group2 OR account requisite user ingroup wheel OR account requisite user notingroup wheel Can be very convenient to grant access based on complex group memberships (LDAP, etc)
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@@ -198,15 +198,15 @@
- <term><option>user ingroup group</option></term>
+ <term><option>user ingroup group[:group:....]</option></term>
- <para>User is in given group.</para>
+ <para>User is in given group(s).</para>
- <term><option>user notingroup group</option></term>
+ <term><option>user notingroup group[:group:....]</option></term>
- <para>User is not in given group.</para>
+ <para>User is not in given group(s).</para>
@@ -271,10 +271,10 @@
To emulate the behaviour of <emphasis>pam_wheel</emphasis>, except
- there is no fallback to group 0:
+ there is no fallback to group 0 being only approximated by checking also the root group membership:
-auth required quiet user ingroup wheel
+auth required quiet user ingroup wheel:root