Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-5HEADdebian/1.3.1-5archive/debian/1.3.1-5masterSteve Langasek2019-02-14
* Correctly display the notification when a manual DM restart is needed.Steve Langasek2019-02-14
* turn around inverted xdm check from the prior uploadSteve Langasek2019-02-14
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-4debian/1.3.1-4archive/debian/1.3.1-4Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* Fix the name of the samba services to be restarted on upgrade.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-3Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* update xdm restart handling to cope with changes to what xdm writes to utmpSteve Langasek2019-02-13
* apparently there are now two separate lintian errors for non-linked DSOsSteve Langasek2019-02-13
* Restore lintian overrides for hardening false-positives.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* Standards-Version 4.3.0.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/control: drop redundant priority fields.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/source.lintian-overrides: update for the current quilt warnings.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/rules: set $DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH only if unset.Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* debian/libpam-modules.lintian-overrides: update for the current lintian warni...Steve Langasek2019-02-13
* Fix d/p/update-motd to apply the correct changes to the READMESteve Langasek2019-02-13
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-2debian/1.3.1-2archive/debian/1.3.1-2Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Drop hard-coded pre-dep on libpam0g, now superseded by shlibdeps.Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Bump the version check for service restarts to 1.3.1-2. Closes: #922178.Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Further cleanup of patch to avoid accidental regeneration of docsSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* releasing package pam version 1.3.1-1debian/1.3.1-1archive/debian/1.3.1-1Steve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Clean up patch so that we don't accidentally regenerate manpage againSteve Langasek2019-02-12
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Document upstream bug closureSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Add debian/patches/fix-autoreconf.patchAndreas Henriksson2019-02-11
* Update debian/watch.Steve Langasek2019-02-11
* Update debian/libpam0g.symbolsAndreas Henriksson2019-02-11
* Refresh patchesSteve Langasek2019-02-11
* Switch source package to 3.0 (quilt) to consume upstream .tar.xz.Steve Langasek2019-02-11
* Merge upstream version 1.3.1Steve Langasek2019-02-11
| * New upstream version 1.3.1Steve Langasek2019-02-12
| |\
| | * Release version 1.3.1Thorsten Kukuk2018-05-18
| | * Add xz compressionThorsten Kukuk2018-05-18
| | * pam_motd: add support for a motd.d directory (#48)Allison Karlitskaya2018-05-16
| | * pam_umask: Fix documentation to align with order of loading umaskTomas Mraz2018-05-02
| | * Fix missing word in documentation.Joey Chagnon2018-04-10
| | * pam_tally2 --reset: avoid creating a missing tallylog fileDmitry V. Levin2017-11-10
| | * pam_mkhomedir: Allow creating parent of homedir under /Tomas Mraz2017-11-10
| | * pam_tty_audit: Fix regression introduced by adding the uid range support.Tomas Mraz2017-10-09
| | * pam_access: Add note about spaces around ':' in access.conf(5)Tomas Mraz2017-09-06
| | * Workaround formatting problem in pam(8)Tomas Mraz2017-09-06
| | * pam_unix: Check return value of malloc used for setcred data (#24)Peter Urbanec2017-07-12
| | * pam_cracklib: Drop unused prompt macros.Tomas Mraz2017-07-10
| | * pam_tty_audit: Support matching users by uid range.Tomas Mraz2017-06-28
| | * pam_access: support parsing files in /etc/security/access.d/*.confTomas Mraz2017-05-31
| | * pam_localuser: Correct the example in documentation.Tomas Mraz2017-04-11
| | * pam_localuser: Correct documentation of return value.Tomas Mraz2017-04-11
| | * Make maxclassrepeat=1 behavior consistent with docs (#9)Saul Johnson2017-03-10
| | * Properly test for strtol() failure to find any digits.Josef Moellers2017-02-09