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* debian/libpam-runtime.templates: correctly tag the URL as aSteve Langasek2019-01-08
| | | | non-translatable string.
* use the error template type, not the obsolete note typeSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* Tweak the language in the new debconf template to my own tastes (hopefullySteve Langasek2019-01-08
| | | | | | this won't require too many round-trips between me and Sam ;), and call debconf-updatepo to make this template available for translation.
* On upgrades from 1.0.1-5 through 1.0.1-10 raise an alarm if we detectSam Hartman2019-01-08
| | | | | no profiles enabled.
* Straw man template for the note indicating system compromise.Sam Hartman2019-01-08
| | | | | Currently this is not tied into the debconf machinery
* When no profiles are chosen in pam-auth-update, throw an error messageSteve Langasek2019-01-08
| | | | | and prompt again instead of letting the user end up with an insecure system. This introduces a new debconf template. Closes: #519927.
* mark as untranslatable to spare translators some time, and add aSteve Langasek2019-01-03
| | | | comment about this to the preceding template
* rephrase to avoid use of questions in the long description, to satisfy lintianSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* implement the force option and the debconf override templateSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* first attempt at handling conflicts among the selected profilesSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* first stab at a perl helper to manage common-*: parse our config files andSteve Langasek2019-01-03
generate a debconf prompt from them, but don't yet do anything with the information