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* New upstream version 1.3.1Steve Langasek2019-02-12
| * pam_motd: add support for a motd.d directory (#48)Allison Karlitskaya2018-05-16
| * pam_umask: Fix documentation to align with order of loading umaskTomas Mraz2018-05-02
| * pam_tally2 --reset: avoid creating a missing tallylog fileDmitry V. Levin2017-11-10
| * pam_mkhomedir: Allow creating parent of homedir under /Tomas Mraz2017-11-10
| * pam_tty_audit: Fix regression introduced by adding the uid range support.Tomas Mraz2017-10-09
| * pam_access: Add note about spaces around ':' in access.conf(5)Tomas Mraz2017-09-06
| * pam_unix: Check return value of malloc used for setcred data (#24)Peter Urbanec2017-07-12
| * pam_cracklib: Drop unused prompt macros.Tomas Mraz2017-07-10
| * pam_tty_audit: Support matching users by uid range.Tomas Mraz2017-06-28
| * pam_access: support parsing files in /etc/security/access.d/*.confTomas Mraz2017-05-31
| * pam_localuser: Correct the example in documentation.Tomas Mraz2017-04-11
| * pam_localuser: Correct documentation of return value.Tomas Mraz2017-04-11
| * Make maxclassrepeat=1 behavior consistent with docs (#9)Saul Johnson2017-03-10
| * Properly test for strtol() failure to find any digits.Josef Moellers2017-02-09
| * pam_exec: fix a potential null pointer dereferenceDaniel Abrecht2017-01-19
| * Add missing comma in the limits.conf.5 manpage.Antonio Ospite2016-12-07
| * pam_access: First check for the (group) match.Tomas Mraz2016-11-01
| * pam_ftp: Properly use the first name from the supplied listTomas Mraz2016-10-17
| * pam_issue: Fix no prompting in parse escape codes mode.Bartos-Elekes Zsolt2016-09-12
| * Unification and cleanup of syslog log levels.Tomas Mraz2016-06-30
| * pam_timestamp: fix typo in strncmp usageDmitry V. Levin2016-06-14
| * Remove spaces in examples for access.conf.Tomas Mraz2016-05-11
* | New upstream version 1.3.0Steve Langasek2019-01-22
| * pam_wheel: Correct the documentation of the root_only option.Tomas Mraz2016-04-19
| * pam_unix: Document that MD5 password hash is used to store old passwords.Tomas Mraz2016-04-19
| * pam_unix: Use pam_get_authtok() instead of direct pam_prompt() calls.Tomas Mraz2016-04-06
| * pam_unix: Make password expiration messages more user-friendly.Tomas Mraz2016-04-04
| * innetgr may not be there so make sure that when innetgr is not presentThorsten Kukuk2016-04-04
| * Fix whitespace issuesDmitry V. Levin2016-04-01
| * Use TI-RPC functions if we compile and link against libtirpc.Thorsten Kukuk2016-04-01
| * Remove "--enable-static-modules" option and support fromThorsten Kukuk2016-03-29
| * Fix check for libtirpc and enhance check for libnsl to includeThorsten Kukuk2016-03-24
| * Remove YP dependencies from pam_access, they were never usedThorsten Kukuk2016-03-23
| * Add checks for localtime() returning NULL.Tomas Mraz2016-03-04
| * pam_unix: Silence warnings and fix a minor bug.Tomas Mraz2016-03-04
| * pam_env: Document the /etc/environment file.Tomas Mraz2016-02-17
| * pam_unix: Add no_pass_expiry option to ignore password expiration.Tomas Mraz2016-02-17
| * pam_unix: Change the salt length for new hashes to 16 charactersTomas Mraz2016-01-25
| * pam_tally2: Optionally log the tally count when checking.Tomas Mraz2015-12-16
| * pam_loginuid: Add syslog message if required auditd is not detected.Tomas Mraz2015-09-24
| * pam_rootok: use rootok permission instead of passwd permission in SELinux check.Tomas Mraz2015-08-12
| * pam_timestamp: Avoid leaking file descriptor.Amarnath Valluri2015-08-05
| * Release version 1.2.1Thorsten Kukuk2015-06-22
| * Fix some grammatical errors in documentation.Thorsten Kukuk2015-04-27
| * Add "quiet" option to pam_unix to suppress informential infoThorsten Kukuk2015-04-23
| * Use crypt_r if available in pam_userdb and in pam_unix.Tomas Mraz2015-04-07
| * pam_env: expand @{HOME} and @{SHELL} and enhance documentationThorsten Kukuk2015-03-25
| * Clarify pam_access docs re PAM service names and X $DISPLAY value testing.Thorsten Kukuk2015-03-24
| * Don't use sudo directory, the timestamp format is different (Ticket#32)Thorsten Kukuk2015-03-24