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Changes to website for new installation instructions.
Removed OSX package. git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b
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@@ -404,6 +404,8 @@ $(web_dest) : html $(wildcard $(web_src)/*) $(osx_src)/Welcome changelog \
cp changelog $(web_dest)/ ; \
cp README $(web_dest)/ ; \
cp INSTALL $(web_dest)/ ; \
+ cp $(portfile) $(web_dest)/ ; \
+ cp ../$(deb_main) $(web_dest)/ ; \
cp $(MANDIR)/man1/ $(web_dest)/ ; \
cp $(MANDIR)/man1/*.1 $(web_dest)/ ; \
) || { rm -rf $(web_dest); exit 1; }
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@@ -56,33 +56,14 @@ To see what pandoc can do, see the [demonstration page](examples.html).
# Downloads
-- [Source tarball].
- To install, unpack the archive and follow the instructions in the
- [INSTALL](INSTALL.html) file. You'll need the [GHC] Haskell compiler,
- version 6.6 or higher.
-- [MacOS X binary package].
- To install, just double-click the package icon in the disk
- image. See the [installation notes](osx-notes.html) for important
- information about setting your `PATH`. Note: This package was
- compiled on a G4 Mac; it will also work on an Intel Mac via emulation.
-- [Windows binary package].
- The zip file contains the `pandoc.exe` command-line program (which
- you should extract from the zip archive and put somewhere in your
- PATH). See the included file `README.txt` for instructions
- on using the program. Note: If you use [Cygwin], we recommend that
- you compile Pandoc from source. This will give you access to the
- wrapper scripts `markdown2pdf`, `html2markdown`, and `hsmarkdown`,
- which are not included in the Windows binary package.
-- [FreeBSD port].
-- [Debian linux package] (thanks to Recai Oktaş). This will also work
- on Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives. To install, download the file
- and type:
- sudo dpkg -i pandoc_@VERSION@_i386.deb
+For installation instructions for all architectures, see
+- [Source tarball]
+- [Windows binary package]
+- [MacPorts Portfile]
+- [FreeBSD port]
+- [Debian linux package] (thanks to Recai Oktaş)
# Code repository
@@ -163,7 +144,7 @@ kind.
[Source tarball]: "Download source tarball from Pandoc's Google Code site"
[MacOS X binary package]: "Download Mac OS X disk image from Pandoc's Google Code site"
[Windows binary package]: "Download Windows zip file from Pandoc's Google Code site"
-[Cygwin]: "Cygwin - a linux-like environment for Windows"
+[MacPorts Portfile]: Portfile
[Debian linux package]: pandoc_@VERSION@_i386.deb
[FreeBSD port]: