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+I'm pleased to announce the release of pandoc 1.6.
+As usual, a source tarball and Windows installer are available
+at <>. You can
+also use 'cabal install' to get the latest version from HackageDB:
+ cabal update
+ cabal install pandoc
+Here is a summary of the major changes in this version.
+New writers
+Two new output formats are supported: [EPUB] and [Slidy].
+EPUB is a standard ebook format, used in Apple's iBooks for the iPad
+and iPhone, Barnes and Noble's nook reader, the Sony reader, and many
+other devices, and by online ebook readers like [bookworm]. (Amazon's
+Kindle uses a different format, MobiPocket, but EPUB books can easily be
+converted to Kindle format.) Now you can write your book in markdown and
+produce an ebook with a single command!
+Slidy, like S5, is a system for producing HTML+javascript slide shows.
+New Command-line Options
+For EPUB output:
+ * `--epub-stylesheet` allows you to specify a CSS file that will
+ be used to style your ebook.
+ * `--epub-metadata` allows you to specify a file containing metadata
+ besides the title and authors, which are automatically included.
+For Slidy and S5 output:
+ * `--offline` causes the javascript and stylesheets needed for
+ S5 or Slidy slide shows to be included directly in the generated
+ HTML. (By default, only links are included.)
+Note that this option goes with a change in the default behavior of the
+S5 writer, which used to include the javascript and stylesheets whenever
+`--standalone` was specified. If you are relying on pandoc to produce a
+self-contained slide show, you should specify `--offline`.
+For HTML output:
+ * `--webtex` causes TeX math to be converted to images using the Google
+ Charts API (unless a different URL is specified). (Thanks to
+ lpeterse.)
+ * Added `--section-divs` option. Causes div tags to be added around
+ each section in an HTML document.
+This last change requires a bit of explanation. Before version 1.2,
+pandoc would put section identifiers directly on headers:
+ <h1 id="my-section">My Section</h1>
+ ...blah blah...
+Someone wanted to be able to manipulate whole sections in javascript,
+so, starting with 1.2, I changed pandoc to put sections inside divs,
+with the identifiers on the divs:
+ <div id="my-section">
+ <h1>My Section</h1>
+ ...blah blah...
+ </div>
+Recently several people have pointed out to me that the divs can
+produce bad interaction effects when combined with raw HTML.
+So in 1.6, I have reverted to the old behavior (no divs, identifiers
+directly on section headers) as a default, adding a `--section-divs`
+option that will select the 1.2-1.5 behavior, with divs around sections
+and identifiers on the divs.
+Markdown extensions
+You can now use "grid tables" in markdown. (Most of the code
+is from Eric Kowey's grid tables patch to the RST reader, from
+the last release.)
+Table captions need no longer begin with the English word
+`Table:`, a bare colon is sufficient. Also, captions may appear
+above a table instead of below it.
+A new type of list marker, `@`, has been added. A list with items
+numbered `@` is sequentially numbered, like a list with items numbered
+`#`. The difference is that with `@`, the number sequence continues
+across a list boundary. `@` list items may also be labeled and referred
+to elsewhere in the document. An example will illustrate their use:
+ Here is my first list:
+ (@) first example, numbered 1
+ (@) second example, numeber 2
+ Some commentary here.
+ (@) third example, numbered 3
+ (@special) fourth example, numbered 4
+ (@) fifth example, numbered 5
+ Some commentary about (@special) (will appear as 4).
+This feature allows easy construction of a running list of
+sequentially numbered examples. For documentation, see README under
+"Numbered examples."
+API Changes
+There are quite a few API changes in this release. If you use pandoc
+as a library, please review these carefully.
+ * Text.Pandoc.Shared:
+ + HTMLMathMethod: Added WebTeX, removed MimeTeX. (WebTeX is
+ generic enough to subsume MimeTeX.)
+ + WriterOptions: Added writerUserDataDir, writerSourceDirectory,
+ writerEPUBMetadata fields. Removed unused fields
+ writerIncludeBefore, writerIncludeAfter.
+ + Moved all the parsing-related functions and definitions
+ to a new module, Text.Pandoc.Parsing.
+ + Moved headerShift from pandoc.hs.
+ * New module, Text.Pandoc.Parsing, for shared parsing functions
+ and ParserState.
+ + Added HTMLSlideVariant.
+ + Made KeyTable a map instead of an association list.
+ This affects the RST and Markdown readers.
+ + The type for stateKeys in ParserState has changed.
+ * Text.Pandoc.Definition:
+ + Pandoc, Meta, Inline, and Block have been given Ord instances.
+ + Reference keys now have a type of their own (Key), with its
+ own Ord instance for case-insensitive comparison.
+ * New module, Text.Pandoc.Writers.EPUB.
+ * New utility module, Text.Pandoc.UUID, for generating random UUIDs for
+ EPUBs.
+ * Removed Text.Pandoc.ODT, added Text.Pandoc.Writers.ODT.
+ Instead of saveOpenDocumentAsODT, we now have writeODT, which takes
+ a Pandoc document and produces a bytestring. saveOpenDocumentAsODT
+ has been removed.
+ * Added Text.Pandoc.Writers.Native. This contains the prettyprinting
+ code from Text.Pandoc.Shared. prettyPandoc has been removed;
+ use the new writeNative instead.
+ * Added Text.Pandoc.UTF8 for portable UTF8 string IO.
+ * Removed Text.Pandoc.Writers.S5 and writeS5 function.
+ Moved s5Includes to new module, Text.Pandoc.S5.
+ (Now S5 is handled in more or less the same way as slidy;
+ to write s5, you use writeHtml with writerSlideVariant set
+ to S5Slides or SlidySlides.)
+Template Changes
+There have been some changes to the default templates; please update
+your templates.
+ * HTML template: avoid empty meta tag if no date.
+ * Added S5 and Slidy templates.
+ * Added amssymb to the preamble in the default latex template.
+ * Use default highlighting CSS rather than embedding CSS in templates.
+ Note: if you use an older template, you'll have the wrong CSS for
+ recent versions of highlighting-kate.
+Other Changes
+ * All input is assumed to be UTF-8, and all output is UTF-8. Pandoc no
+ longer respects locale, even when compiled by GHC 6.12.
+ * Made spacing at end of output more consistent. Previously some
+ of the writers added spurious whitespace. This has been removed.
+ Note: If your application combines pandoc's output with other
+ text, for example in a template, you may need to add spacing.
+ For example, a pandoc-generated markdown file will not have
+ a blank line after the final block element. If you are inserting
+ it into another markdown file, you will need to make sure there
+ is a blank line between it and the next block element.
+ * In S5 (and Slidy), horizontal rules now cause a "slide break,"
+ so you are no longer limited to one slide per level-one
+ section.
+ * Improved handling of code in man writer.
+ + Inline code is now in monoscpace, not bold.
+ + Code blocks now use .nf (no fill) and .IP (indented paragraph).
+ * HTML reader: parse <tt> as Code.
+ * HTML writer: Put insert-before text before the title h1 in HTML.
+ This is the documented behavior; the insert-before text
+ comes after the <body> tag.
+ * Add bird tracks to lhs in HTML when compiled wo -fhighlighting.
+ Previously the bird tracks would be stripped off when pandoc was
+ not compiled with highlighting support, even if -t html+lhs was
+ specified. Thanks to Nicholas Wu for pointing out the problem.
+ * Don't allow colon in autogenerated XML/HTML identifiers.
+ They have a special meaning in XML (e.g. in EPUB).
+ * LaTeX reader:
+ + Made latex \section, \chapter parsers more forgiving of whitespace.
+ + Added stateHasChapters to ParserState.
+ + Parse \chapter{} in latex. If a \chapter command is encountered,
+ this is set to True and subsequent \section commands (etc.) will
+ be bumped up one level.
+ + Changed rawLaTeXInline to accept '\section', '\begin', etc.
+ + Use new rawLaTeXInline' in LaTeX reader, and export rawLaTeXInline
+ for use in markdown reader.
+ + Fixes bug wherein '\section{foo}' was not recognized as raw TeX
+ in markdown document.
+ * LaTeX writer: Give images a maximum width using the prelude only.
+ * Plain, markdown, RST writers: Use unicode for smart punctuation.
+ * Man writer: convert math to unicode when possible, as in other
+ writers.
+ * Allow markdown2pdf to recognize citeproc options.
+ * Convert command-line arguments to UTF8.
+ * Use texmath's parser in TexMath module. This replaces a lot of
+ custom parser code, and expands the tex -> unicode conversion. The
+ behavior has also changed: if the whole formula can't be converted,
+ the whole formula is left in raw TeX. Previously, pandoc converted
+ parts of the formula to unicode and left other parts in raw TeX.
+ * In parsing smart quotes, leave unicode curly quotes alone.
+ * Removed obsolete markdown2pdf script.
+ * Removed parsec < 3 restriction.
+ * ODT: Handle the case where the image is remote (or not found) by
+ converting the Image element into an Emph with the label.
+ * Added 'threaded' cabal flag.
+ + GHC lacks a threaded runtime on some architectures.
+ Provide a 'threaded' flag that can be disabled for compiling
+ on these architectures.
+ + Removed '-threaded' from pandoc's ghc-options. '-threaded'
+ is only needed for markdown2pdf, due to its use of readProcess.
+ * Modified readFile and getContents to strip BOM if present.
+ * Updated pandoc to use highlighting-kate 0.2.7.