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+Contributing to pandoc
+Found a bug?
+Bug reports are welcome! Please report all bugs on pandoc's github
+[issue tracker].
+Before you submit a bug report, search the (open *and* closed) issues to make
+sure the issue hasn't come up before. Also, check the [User's Guide] and [FAQs]
+for anything relevant.
+Make sure you can reproduce the bug with the latest released version of pandoc
+(or, even better, the development version).
+Your report should give detailed instructions for how to reproduce the problem,
+ * the exact command line used
+ * the exact input used
+ * the output received
+ * the output you expected instead
+A small test case (just a few lines) is ideal. If your input is large,
+spend some time trying to whittle it down to the minimum necessary to
+illustrate the problem.
+Have an idea for a new feature?
+Lay out the rationale for the feature you're requesting. Why would this
+feature be useful? Consider also any possible drawbacks, including breaking
+old documents.
+It is best to discuss a potential new feature on [pandoc-discuss]
+before opening an issue.
+Patches and pull requests
+Patches and pull requests are welcome. Please follow these guidelines:
+1. Each patch should make a single logical change (fix a bug, add
+ a feature, clean up some code, add documentation). Everything
+ related to that change should be included (including tests and
+ documentation), and nothing unrelated should be included.
+2. Follow the stylistic conventions you find in the existing
+ panadoc code. Use spaces, not tabs, and wrap code to 80 columns.
+ Always include type signatures for top-level functions.
+3. Your code should compile without warnings (`-Wall` clean).
+4. Run the tests to make sure your code does not introduce new bugs.
+ (See below under [Tests](#tests).)
+5. It is a good idea to add test cases for the bug you are fixing. (See below
+ under [Tests](#tests).) If you are adding a new writer or reader,
+ you must include tests.
+6. If you are adding a new feature, include updates to the README.
+7. Before you put time into a nontrivial patch, it is a good idea to
+ discuss it on [pandoc-discuss], especially if it is for a new feature
+ (rather than fixing a bug).
+8. All code must be released under the general license governing pandoc
+ (GPL v2).
+9. It is better not to introduce new dependencies. Dependencies on
+ external C libraries should especially be avoided.
+Tests can be run as follows:
+ cabal configure --enable-tests
+ cabal build
+ cabal test
+The test program is `tests/test-pandoc.hs`.
+[issue tracker]:
+[User's Guide]: