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Updated since we now provide zips for binaries.
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## Windows
- There is a package installer at pandoc's [download page].
+ This will install pandoc, replacing older versions, and
+ update your path to include the directory where pandoc's
+ binaries are installed.
+ - If you prefer not to use the msi installer, we also provide
+ a zip file that contains pandoc's binaries and
+ documentation. Simply unzip this file and move the binaries
+ to a directory of your choice.
- For PDF output, you'll also need to install LaTeX.
We recommend [MiKTeX](
- - If you'd prefer, you can extract the `pandoc` and `pandoc-citeproc`
- executables from the MSI and copy them directly to any directory,
- without running the installer. Here is an example showing how to
- extract the executables from the pandoc-1.19.1 installer and copy
- them to `C:\Utils\Console\`:
- mkdir "%TEMP%\pandoc\"
- start /wait msiexec.exe /a pandoc-1.19.1-windows.msi /qn targetdir="%TEMP%\pandoc\"
- copy /y "%TEMP%\pandoc\pandoc.exe" C:\Utils\Console\
- copy /y "%TEMP%\pandoc\pandoc-citeproc.exe" C:\Utils\Console\
- rmdir /s /q "%TEMP%\pandoc\"
## macOS
- You can install pandoc using
@@ -29,15 +25,10 @@
by downloading [this script][uninstaller]
and running it with `perl`.
- - It is possible to extract the pandoc and pandoc-citeproc
- executables from the macOS pkg file, if you'd rather not run
- the installer. To do this (for the version 1.19.1 package):
- mkdir pandoc-extract
- cd pandoc-extract
- xar -x -f ../pandoc-2.0-macOS.pkg
- cat pandoc.pkg/Payload | gunzip -dc | cpio -i
- # executables are now in ./usr/bin/, man pages in ./usr/share/man
+ - We also provide a zip file containing the binaries and man
+ pages, for those who prefer not to use the installer. Simply
+ unzip the file and move the binaries and man pages to
+ whatever directory you like.
- For PDF output, you'll also need LaTeX. Because a full [MacTeX]
installation takes more than a gigabyte of disk space, we recommend