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Removed citeproc flag and CPP conditionals.
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@@ -73,8 +73,6 @@ you will need [zip-archive] and (if you want syntax highlighting)
- `wrappers`: build the wrapper `markdown2pdf` (default yes)
- `highlighting`: compile with syntax highlighting support (increases
the size of the executable) (default no)
- - `citeproc`: compile with bibliographic support using `citeproc-hs`
- (default no)
So, for example,
@@ -109,22 +107,3 @@ you will need [zip-archive] and (if you want syntax highlighting)
[Cabal User's Guide]:
-Optional citeproc support
-Pandoc can optionally be compiled with support for bibliographic citations
-using Andrea Rossato's [`citeproc-hs` library]. This allows you
-to specify citations in markdown using an intuitive syntax (for example,
-`[jones2005@p. 3; smith2006]`). These are automatically changed into
-appropriately styled citations in the output, and a bibliography is
-added. The bibliography data and style information are taken from XML
-files that must be specified on the command line. (Note: `citeproc-hs`
-support is experimental, and the interface may change in the future.)
-If you are using Cabal to compile pandoc, specify the `citeproc` flag in
-the configure step:
- runhaskell Setup configure --flags="citeproc"
-[`citeproc-hs` library]: