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Use template haskell to avoid the need for templates:
+ Added library Text.Pandoc.Include, with a template haskell function $(includeStrFrom fname) to include a file as a string constant at compile time. + This removes the need for the 'templates' directory or Makefile target. These have been removed. + The base source directory has been changed from src to . + A new 'data' directory has been added, containing the ASCIIMathML.js script, writer headers, and S5 files. + The src/wrappers directory has been moved to 'wrappers'. + The Text.Pandoc.ASCIIMathML library is no longer needed, since Text.Pandoc.Writers.HTML can use includeStrFrom to include the ASCIIMathML.js code directly. It has been removed. git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b
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@@ -107,15 +107,12 @@ but are documented here for packagers and developers:
* `configure`: Performs the needed preprocessing to create a proper
Cabal package for Pandoc:
- - Builds `ASCIIMathML.hs`, `DefaultHeaders.hs`, and `S5.hs`
- from templates in `src/templates` and data in `src/ASCIIMathML.js`,
- `src/ui`, and `src/headers`.
- Stores values of relevant environment variables in `vars` for
- Runs Cabal's "configure" command.
* `build-exec`: Builds `pandoc` executable (using Cabal's "build"
command) and creates the wrappers `html2markdown` and `markdown2pdf`
- from templates in `src/wrappers`.
+ from templates in `wrappers`.
* `build-doc`: Builds program documentation (e.g. `README.html`).
* `build-lib-doc`: Builds Haddock documentation for Pandoc libraries.
* `install-doc`, `uninstall-doc`: Installs/uninstalls user documentation