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@@ -251,12 +251,14 @@ Once you've installed MacPorts, you can install pandoc by typing:
Since pandoc depends on GHC, the process may take a long time.
+Note that the version of pandoc in MacPorts may not be the most recent.
Installing the Windows binary
-Simply download the zip file from [pandoc's google code site].
-Extract the files from the archive, and put `pandoc.exe` somewhere
-in your PATH.
+Simply download the Windows installer [pandoc's google code site]
+and run it. It will install `pandoc.exe` and ensure that it is
+in your system PATH.
Note that the Windows binary distribution does not include the shell
scripts `markdown2pdf`, `html2markdown`, or `hsmarkdown`.
@@ -272,6 +274,8 @@ Pandoc is now in the debian archives, and can be installed using `apt-get` (as r
Thanks to Recai OktaƟ for setting up the debian packages.
+Note that the version of pandoc in Debian may not be the most recent.
Installing pandoc on FreeBSD