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Mention muse reader in README, MANUAL, debian control, cabal description.
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@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It can read
[Markdown], [CommonMark], [PHP Markdown Extra], [GitHub-Flavored Markdown],
[MultiMarkdown], and (subsets of) [Textile], [reStructuredText], [HTML],
[LaTeX], [MediaWiki markup], [TWiki markup], [Haddock markup], [OPML], [Emacs
-Org mode], [DocBook], [txt2tags], [EPUB], [ODT] and [Word docx]; and it can
-write plain text, [Markdown], [CommonMark], [PHP Markdown Extra],
+Org mode], [DocBook], [txt2tags], [Muse], [EPUB], [ODT] and [Word docx];
+and it can write plain text, [Markdown], [CommonMark], [PHP Markdown Extra],
[GitHub-Flavored Markdown], [MultiMarkdown], [reStructuredText], [XHTML],
[HTML5], [LaTeX] \(including [`beamer`] slide shows\), [ConTeXt], [RTF], [OPML],
[DocBook], [OpenDocument], [ODT], [Word docx], [GNU Texinfo], [MediaWiki