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Markdown reader: Made implicit header references case-insensitive.
Added `stateHeaderKeys` to `ParserState`; this is a `KeyTable` like `stateKeys`, but it only gets consulted if we don't find a match in `stateKeys`, and if `Ext_implicit_header_references` is enabled. Closes #1606.
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@@ -1269,10 +1269,17 @@ If there are multiple headers with identical text, the corresponding
reference will link to the first one only, and you will need to use explicit
links to link to the others, as described above.
-Unlike regular reference links, these references are case-sensitive.
+Like regular reference links, these references are case-insensitive.
-Note: if you have defined an explicit identifier for a header,
-then implicit references to it will not work.
+Explicit link reference definitions always take priority over
+implicit header references. So, in the following example, the
+link will point to `bar`, not to `#foo`:
+ # Foo
+ [foo]: bar
+ See [foo]
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