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Added a note about the need for `-s` to include YAML in Markdown output.
Closes #1715. Thanks to @nichtich for the suggestion.
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@@ -1953,6 +1953,11 @@ A document may contain multiple metadata blocks. The metadata fields will
be combined through a *left-biased union*: if two metadata blocks attempt
to set the same field, the value from the first block will be taken.
+When pandoc is used with `-t markdown` to create a markdown document,
+a YAML metadata block will be produced only if the `-s/--standalone`
+option is used. All of the metadata will appear in a single block
+at the beginning of the document.
Note that YAML escaping rules must be followed. Thus, for example,
if a title contains a colon, it must be quoted. The pipe character
(`|`) can be used to begin an indented block that will be interpreted