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Merge pull request #2369 from mb21/language-variables
`lang` variable is now in BCP47 format
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@@ -945,7 +945,19 @@ as `title`, `author`, and `date`) as well as the following:
: body of document
-: language code for HTML or LaTeX documents
+: The `lang` variable should be set by the user to a language
+ code according to [BCP 47] (e.g. `en` or `en-GB`).
+ For some output formats, pandoc will convert it to an approriate
+ format stored in the additional variables `babel-lang`,
+ `polyglossia-lang`, `polyglossia-variant` (LaTeX)
+ and `context-lang` (ConTeXt).
+: Should be set to a list of other languages used in the document
+ in the YAML metadata, according to [BCP 47]. For example:
+ `otherlangs: [en-GB, fr]`.
+ Currently only used by XeTeX through the generated
+ `polyglossia-otherlangs` variable.
: base URL for Slidy documents (defaults to
@@ -3264,8 +3276,8 @@ The following fields are recognized:
~ A string value in `YYYY-MM-DD` format. (Only the year is necessary.)
Pandoc will attempt to convert other common date formats.
- ~ A string value in [RFC5646] format. Pandoc will default to the local
+`lang` (or legacy: `language`)
+ ~ A string value in [BCP 47] format. Pandoc will default to the local
language if nothing is specified.
@@ -3549,7 +3561,7 @@ Xavier Olive.
[marc relators]:
+[BCP 47]:
[InDesign ICML]: